Hello, I’m Noha!

When I was a child in Libya, I never thought that I would become a photographer one day. Yet because of my family, I have always known the value of photos. My Grandfather owned a studio . My Mother always took a lot of photos of us. We lived in a house with many pictures. Now that I have my own family,  I am eager to document most of the moments in my life.

Moving to Canada changed my life. When I left Libya . I wanted to create a better circumstance for my kids. A future. Canada is my home.

My Journey

When I came to Canada in 2008, it was hard because I didn’t know the language. I became a photographer after going through a lot of difficulties and dived deep into myself until I found my passion. I love art and creating things. Photography allows me to express my view of the world.

I have done so much in my life for my family and now I was doing something for me! This helped me prove to myself that I can achieve any goal and I can stand up on my own 2 feet again and be a successful entrepreneur at any age.

My journey as a photographer started with a love of capturing the story. It needed technical training. I took many photography lessons to capture light, framing people and posing. This helped me to create some really stunning photos and learn a lot.

Education is ongoing, and I learn something at every shoot! I want to continue to take courses and classes to become a better photographer. This effort really shines through in my photos, and my editing skills. Photography is my passion and I train everyday!


About Noha Artistic Photography

Through photography, I strive to tell a story. To help people see the beauty and strength within them. To capture the moment. This all started with my snapchat blog. Taking pictures of my kids and sharing what life is like in Canada. What my journey to get here has been like. I have learned that every photo has a story behind it, and we can all change our story.